The 19th Annual Portland Erotic Ball returns to the Historic Crystal Ballroom

1332 W. Burnside, Portland, OR 97209

Doors open early at 7:30 pm for VIP | 8 pm for General Admission | Event ends at 2 am.

Circus Performers
Arial Performer Square
Soul Vaccination Band
Girls Kissing Square

Non-Stop Entertainment Includes: 

  • Headliner Performances by Soul Vaccination
  • DJ's
  • Aerial Burlesque


Sasha Circle



The event also includes:

  • An audience interactive Fetish Demonstration Stage
  • Burlesque Performances
  • Airbrush Artists
  • And the best people watching experience you’ll ever see!


Circus act 2
Bondage 1
Butt Spanking
Airbrush Artist

How to Enjoy the Ball and Get the BEST POSSIBLE EXPERIENCE!

Here are some suggestions:

  1. This is a costume-mandatory event.  Be part of the party or stay home! Remember YOU are the PARTY, so DRESS to THRILL!
  2. This event is all inclusive and is 100% hate free.  Don’t like people from all walks of life?  Don’t embrace diversity?  Not cool with all ages, body shapes, gender expressions and race, ethnicity or marital status.  Then please don’t buy a ticket!  You won’t have a good time, so please don’t attend.  We ARE unique, welcoming, inclusive and as long as you are respectful and open-minded you are going to have a BLAST!
  3. Wear comfortable shoes. We have 3 floors and the building is 100+ year old with lots of stairs.  We also have one of the last Ballrooms in the nation.  Like rubber balls are under the wooden floors, so w when 1500 people dance the floor bounces!  Really!  All you Californians coming – it is NOT an earthquake, but sure feels a bit like a trembler!
  4. This is not a party for 21 year old nightclub newcomers.  The goal is not to fight, get completely drunk and trashed.  People spend $100s on their costumes, look fabulous and outgrew that behavior when they became adults.  Please drink responsibly.
  5. Bring cameras, electronic devices or whatever you want – your friends will be so jealous you’re here!  Post on Facebook! Instagram!  Twitter!  Snap!  Help us make Portland Erotic Ball even more notorious!
  6. The Erotic Ball by definition is hate free event.  While we are as sexy event, it is not appropriate to have sex at the event. Please be appropriate and remember no means NO!  Ask before touching. Don’t be creepy!
  7. Club Privata is the Official After Party for the 2018 Portland Erotic Ball.  Tickets are available at
  8. Finally, have a great time!  This is one of the official events that truly helps “Keep Portland Weird!”. Join in, cause you know you're a little weird too!!