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Fetish Demonstration Room

The Portland Erotic Ball is a sex positive event that is also the largest kink/fetish event in the PNW based on attendance. The Fetish Demonstration stage takes place on the Lola’s Room level of the Crystal Ballroom and features a range of fetish experiences where members of the public sign a waiver and then can participate in a fetish or kink “tasting”. Tastings are short sessions where guests can be flogged, spanked, tickled, experience ropes play and other safe explorations of non-traditional sexuality in a non-judgmental space. Full nudity, sex acts and penetrative sex are not permitted.

Our focus is on couple’s interactive play with the goal of expanding guests understanding of kink and fetish play. We do not offer “hard core” or more advanced sessions in the Erotic Ball environment (largely out of respect for our venue which is a McMenamins property) but do have other events throughout the year for those seeking a less vanilla experience.

Our goal is to titillate and excite guests with authentic kink and fetish experiences without making those experiences too adult or go too far. You are always safe at a Portland Erotic Ball experience and we focus on consensual play, being respectful of all guests and providing a fun, explorative experience. If sexual expression and exploration makes you uncomfortable we recommend you stay out of this area. If you are curious, open minded and want to explore your sexuality (particularly with a partner) safely, you’ll have a great time.

Thank you for supporting sex positive events and welcome to Portland Erotic Ball.

Lady Alycyn, Official Dominatrix of Fetish Demonstration Area

Lady Alycyn has been the fetish stage coordinator for the Portland Erotic Ball for 18 years! She enjoys facilitating, presenting, performing demonstrations, and offering tastings for a wide variety of BDSM activities. She loves perverting sensuality and engaging with a variety of genders. We are so proud Lady Alycyn is part of the Erotic Ball family!

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